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What we shouldn’t still be talking about in 2014
Posted by
Nomonde Gama at 10:00
With all the 2014 trend forecasts flooding our inboxes at this time of year, (for some perspective, don’t forget to read our take on marketing in 2014 here), marketers might be feeling a little overwhelmed by trying to keep up.
Introducing ‘Brandfontein’
Posted by
Nomonde Gama at 09:00
Perception is the currency of brands, and it extends well beyond mere products, services, personalities and logos. As soon as people have a choice over what they consume, brands come into play. We may think only of brands like Coke, Nike, Chanel or Beyoncé, but we have a choice over which spaces we consume too, right? So surely neighbourhoods make the cut?
10 May


Posted by
Nomonde Gama, Martmeri Roos at 04:00
Social media: #whatisit? There are a variety of definitions - some ‘techies’ define it as: “a set of technologies which make it possible for two or more parties to exchange information freely and easily” or “a web of authentic, real time conversation, thought, opinion and influence, in a digital space we can’t see or touch”. But why do people use social media, and what does this mean for brands?
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