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Growing brands from Jozi to Lagos
Posted by
Robert Jameson at 11:00
With all the hype about Nigeria possibly overtaking South Africa as the largest economy in Africa, we thought we would put the two countries into context. For marketers, Nigeria represents an enormous opportunity for growth and stretch - with a rapidly expanding economy and consumer class. It's worth remembering, though, that on a per capita basis, South Africa is four times as wealthy as Nigeria, and there is still opportunity for brand growth right here.
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Be careful of the hidden traps in research!
Posted by
Robert Jameson at 13:00
Great marketing centres on quality insight into the target market. Generating this insight does not have to be difficult or complicated - some of the greatest campaigns and marketing initiatives are born from the simplest of insights.
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Is your brand set to enter Africa?
Posted by
Robert Jameson at 08:00
For those who have been lucky enough to travel around Africa, it probably seemed at first that there are a lot of commonalities between countries - and there are. But the biggest mistake you can make is viewing the rest of the continent as a single, homogenous entity. It is in Africa that you will find the greatest diversity, not only in places but in people and cultures as well.
This Valentine’s Day, turn “the first date” with your consumer into a relationship
Posted by
Robert Jameson at 08:00
The need to love and be loved in return is a fundamental and universal human need – and satisfying this need is the foundation for any successful relationship. For brands to succeed, they need to form real relationships with consumers too. For some this may come naturally, but for others it can be daunting, difficult and often disastrous. It may be a comfort to know that dating tips can help.
Shared value: the next step in the evolution of branding
Posted by
Robert Jameson at 10:00
Darwin's Theory of Evolution says that for a species to survive, it must develop advantageous traits specific to its environment. “In a nutshell, as random genetic mutations occur within an organism's genetic code, the beneficial mutations are preserved because they aid survival, a process known as natural selection."
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