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Traditional Luxury Brands on Social Media…Yay or Nay?
Posted by
Nozipho Gumede at 12:00
Exclusivity is an important characteristic of luxury brands. Luxury brands have traditionally strived to create the ‘brand dream’ - a perception of distance between themselves and their customers. This makes social media engagement tricky as social is, by definition, the complete contradiction of exclusivity.
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When Loyalty isn’t Loyalty at All
Posted by
Al Mackay at 12:00
I have recently switched network providers. I admit this to people sheepishly, because I was once a fierce and vocal brand ambassador for the network I have now left. I thought that they did an excellent brand job: fun and dynamic, relevant to – and celebratory of – local culture, they represented so many things that I love in a brand.
What should you be learning about your consumers to stay relevant?
Posted by
Chevara Naidoo at 08:00
Yellowwood recently launched our first white paper as part of a series to give readers practical insight into key marketing topics. The white paper centres on the topic of relevance with its title “How to know more about your market than anyone else”.
Moments of Truth: Getting consumers to fall in love with your brand
Posted by
Ane du Preez at 08:00
Have you ever fallen in love? Have you ever had your heart broken? Sometimes it only takes a second to realise that you’re completely in love, but often things that are going well get ruined when a potential suitor performs a “deal breaker” that puts both of your statuses back to “single”.
Re-Defining Relationships in the Property Industry
Posted by
Shekha Wilson at 10:00
Success in the highly competitive property industry is all about achieving the right balance.
10 May


Posted by
Nomonde Gama, Martmeri Roos at 04:00
Social media: #whatisit? There are a variety of definitions - some ‘techies’ define it as: “a set of technologies which make it possible for two or more parties to exchange information freely and easily” or “a web of authentic, real time conversation, thought, opinion and influence, in a digital space we can’t see or touch”. But why do people use social media, and what does this mean for brands?
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