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The path to successful innovation for Africa
Posted by
Al Mackay at 08:00
Last month we launched our latest white paper, Transformative Innovation: The African Path to Success. It is a practical guide to help African businesses innovate to grow and transform categories and markets, staying ahead of increasing global competition and creating better, more relevant products, services and business models.
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Great South African Innovations
Posted by
Marios Flourentzou at 12:00
With all the doom and gloom at the moment because of price hikes, strikes and an economy that’s stuck, it’s worth remembering that South Africans are brilliant innovators – and we have invented some of the world’s most useful and amazing things.
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When Loyalty isn’t Loyalty at All
Posted by
Al Mackay at 12:00
I have recently switched network providers. I admit this to people sheepishly, because I was once a fierce and vocal brand ambassador for the network I have now left. I thought that they did an excellent brand job: fun and dynamic, relevant to – and celebratory of – local culture, they represented so many things that I love in a brand.
Beyond the Drawing Board
Posted by
SJ Naude at 08:00
With technological advances, such as augmented reality and interactive promotional campaigns, come a plethora of new possibilities (and a host of new challenges) for the design industry and, more specifically, graphic design.
Lady Gaga: The Marketing Monster
Posted by
Nicole Zetler at 08:00
Over the past week, South Africa has been under a Lady Gaga spell with the pop star’s recent tour to our shores from airport sightings to meet-and-greets to fans (or should I say ‘Little Monsters’) overloading social media platforms raving about her performances in both Jo’burg and Cape Town. For someone who was waiting on tables only 5 years ago, Lady Gaga has sure risen to super stardom quickly: scooping up a plethora of awards, selling out mega-stadiums, endless attention in the press; and a social media following that’s larger than the population of many countries!
Online Shopping and the Cellphone Revolution
Posted by
Honore Gasa at 08:00
It is not new news that access to the internet is growing at a tremendous pace due to the advent of smartphones and internet-enabled phones – now almost standard on all but the basic handsets.
Re-Defining Relationships in the Property Industry
Posted by
Shekha Wilson at 10:00
Success in the highly competitive property industry is all about achieving the right balance.
Shared value: the next step in the evolution of branding
Posted by
Robert Jameson at 10:00
Darwin's Theory of Evolution says that for a species to survive, it must develop advantageous traits specific to its environment. “In a nutshell, as random genetic mutations occur within an organism's genetic code, the beneficial mutations are preserved because they aid survival, a process known as natural selection."
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