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Traditional Luxury Brands on Social Media…Yay or Nay?
Posted by
Nozipho Gumede at 12:00
Exclusivity is an important characteristic of luxury brands. Luxury brands have traditionally strived to create the ‘brand dream’ - a perception of distance between themselves and their customers. This makes social media engagement tricky as social is, by definition, the complete contradiction of exclusivity.
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The power of the small Cs
Posted by
Sonja Lombard at 12:00
When Yellowwood launched Engager a few years ago, there were three Big Cs on which South Africa’s most engaging brands scored highly: these were Conviction, Commitment and Connection. The nine pillars of brand engagement in the Engager model are massively important, but I’d like to suggest that when it comes to building a retail brand, there are another 3 Cs which are critically important but often get overlooked.
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Abercrombie & Fail: Brand positioning versus the people
Posted by
Al Mackay at 11:00
I’m finding it hard to look away from the scandal engulfing Abercrombie & Fitch, following their CEO Mike Jeffries’ public announcement that the reason his company refuses to make plus-sized clothing is that they target the ‘cool kids’ – implying, of course, that fat people would ruin his brand. In his words “a lot of people don’t belong, and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.”
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Township shopping malls: Can they sustain big retail brands?
Posted by
Khumo Maluleke at 08:00
Sowetans have seen the development of a number of shopping malls in the past few years, with the tenant mix coming to resemble that found in upmarket suburbs.
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Localising Christmas: The Tradition/Relevance Gap
Posted by
Al Mackay at 08:00
It’s the end of the year and we all know what that means – beaches, braais and spending as much time with friends and family as we can. We’ll eat too much and struggle to stay cool in the sticky heat and many of us will celebrate Christmas. Even those of us who do not celebrate will struggle to avoid the Christmas atmosphere all around – our retailers make sure that we are confronted with snowflakes, snowmen, pine trees and reindeer wherever we go. It irritates me every year. What do any of these things have to do with our experience of December? It strikes me as bad marketing.
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