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Nairobi - Africa's innovation hub?
Posted by
Paul Drawbridge at 13:00
In my 18 months now in Kenya, I’ve slowly adjusted to life in Nairobi, having left my beloved London behind. One of the signs of this happening is that I’ve been unsubscribing from various email updates - you know the kind: restaurant offers, museum and exhibition releases, etc.
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Pick a Fight to Get Noticed: The rise of Brand Samsung
Posted by
Roscoe Sprong at 08:00
While the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit (where Samsung was ordered to pay Apple over a billion dollars) is by now old news, it has given us time to reflect on its effect.
Online Shopping and the Cellphone Revolution
Posted by
Honore Gasa at 08:00
It is not new news that access to the internet is growing at a tremendous pace due to the advent of smartphones and internet-enabled phones – now almost standard on all but the basic handsets.
10 May


Posted by
Nomonde Gama, Martmeri Roos at 04:00
Social media: #whatisit? There are a variety of definitions - some ‘techies’ define it as: “a set of technologies which make it possible for two or more parties to exchange information freely and easily” or “a web of authentic, real time conversation, thought, opinion and influence, in a digital space we can’t see or touch”. But why do people use social media, and what does this mean for brands?
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