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Posted by
Ryan Flynn at 12:00
It’s no secret that over the last few years there has been a substantial surge of companies, big and small jumping on the social media marketing BRANDwagon. While the use of these new(ish) communication channels has proved successful in driving positive consumer engagement for some brands, for others the resulting effect has only been to show their true (dull) colours.
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I'll have the 'Wall Seat' please...
Posted by
Marios Flourentzou at 09:00
On a recent business trip to Johannesburg, I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed when I climbed into my seat on the plane. Having arrived before my aisle companions, I safely stowed away my laptop and looked down to notice something was awry... My 'window seat' was in fact a 'wall seat'.
Introducing ‘Brandfontein’
Posted by
Nomonde Gama at 09:00
Perception is the currency of brands, and it extends well beyond mere products, services, personalities and logos. As soon as people have a choice over what they consume, brands come into play. We may think only of brands like Coke, Nike, Chanel or Beyoncé, but we have a choice over which spaces we consume too, right? So surely neighbourhoods make the cut?
Are stokvels the old new big thing?
Posted by
Al Mackay at 09:00
Like most marketers, I’ve spent many, many hours trawling through trend reports and reading through futuristic predictions of where the world is heading. We gobble up the content that the big trend houses give us, desperate to know that our marketing is edgy and modern - and all of us can recite their cleverly named Next Big Things.
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Be careful of the hidden traps in research!
Posted by
Robert Jameson at 13:00
Great marketing centres on quality insight into the target market. Generating this insight does not have to be difficult or complicated - some of the greatest campaigns and marketing initiatives are born from the simplest of insights.
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What should you be learning about your consumers to stay relevant?
Posted by
Chevara Naidoo at 08:00
Yellowwood recently launched our first white paper as part of a series to give readers practical insight into key marketing topics. The white paper centres on the topic of relevance with its title “How to know more about your market than anyone else”.
Beyond the Drawing Board
Posted by
SJ Naude at 08:00
With technological advances, such as augmented reality and interactive promotional campaigns, come a plethora of new possibilities (and a host of new challenges) for the design industry and, more specifically, graphic design.
Is your brand set to enter Africa?
Posted by
Robert Jameson at 08:00
For those who have been lucky enough to travel around Africa, it probably seemed at first that there are a lot of commonalities between countries - and there are. But the biggest mistake you can make is viewing the rest of the continent as a single, homogenous entity. It is in Africa that you will find the greatest diversity, not only in places but in people and cultures as well.
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