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Lady Gaga: The Marketing Monster
Posted by
Nicole Zetler at 08:00
Over the past week, South Africa has been under a Lady Gaga spell with the pop star’s recent tour to our shores from airport sightings to meet-and-greets to fans (or should I say ‘Little Monsters’) overloading social media platforms raving about her performances in both Jo’burg and Cape Town. For someone who was waiting on tables only 5 years ago, Lady Gaga has sure risen to super stardom quickly: scooping up a plethora of awards, selling out mega-stadiums, endless attention in the press; and a social media following that’s larger than the population of many countries!
Online Shopping and the Cellphone Revolution
Posted by
Honore Gasa at 08:00
It is not new news that access to the internet is growing at a tremendous pace due to the advent of smartphones and internet-enabled phones – now almost standard on all but the basic handsets.
Be Distinct, not Different...
Posted by
Nicole Zetler at 10:00
Us marketers are obsessed with the concept of differentiation. Perhaps it’s because this piece of brand wisdom has been drilled into us from an early age, or maybe it’s because we cannot conceive of developing a marketing strategy or campaign without it. Indeed, differentiation has become our holy grail - a sacred something that we hope to find and implement in order to guarantee brand success.
Re-Defining Relationships in the Property Industry
Posted by
Shekha Wilson at 10:00
Success in the highly competitive property industry is all about achieving the right balance.
Shared value: the next step in the evolution of branding
Posted by
Robert Jameson at 10:00
Darwin's Theory of Evolution says that for a species to survive, it must develop advantageous traits specific to its environment. “In a nutshell, as random genetic mutations occur within an organism's genetic code, the beneficial mutations are preserved because they aid survival, a process known as natural selection."
Forget about Above, Below & Through-The-Line... Think about the Bottom Line
Posted by
Nicole Zetler at 10:00
All too often we hear marketers vent “They are only interested in the sales figures” or “They don’t understand the importance that brand plays in the company…” The frustration that marketing managers express about the disconnect they face when it comes to interactions with executives at board level or those in financially-related positions, is by no means new, or unique to South Africa. This detachment from marketing is confirmed by Deloitte's 'Marketing in 3-D' global report which uncovers that one third of CFOs do not believe that marketing is a key growth driver or crucial to devising strategy and that 77% of executives believe their employees do not appreciate the value of marketing.
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10 May


Posted by
Nomonde Gama, Martmeri Roos at 04:00
Social media: #whatisit? There are a variety of definitions - some ‘techies’ define it as: “a set of technologies which make it possible for two or more parties to exchange information freely and easily” or “a web of authentic, real time conversation, thought, opinion and influence, in a digital space we can’t see or touch”. But why do people use social media, and what does this mean for brands?
The meaning of brand consistency in today’s dynamic context
Posted by
Lilian Plomp at 10:00
The idea of brand consistency is nothing new and has become a buzz word among marketers and brand specialists. However, the interpretation of ‘brand consistency’ seems to differ considerably from one individual to another. It is precisely this discrepancy that may explain why some brands succeed and others fail to truly create sustainable brand value.
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