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Offer jobs, not just products
Posted by
Al Mackay at 10:00
Last week I spoke at a conference on Accelerating Youth Employment in South Africa. The conference was organised by Harambee, a non-profit that bridges the gap between job-seekers and the formal economy by providing psychometric testing, job-matching and training of young people for interviews and the workplace. The work they do is inspirational, but we were surprised earlier in the year when they surfaced as a favourite brand amongst young, lower income South Africans in research that we were conducting for our white paper Building Brands in a Rapidly Changing South Africa. They are not a consumer brand, after all.
What we shouldn’t still be talking about in 2014
Posted by
Nomonde Gama at 10:00
With all the 2014 trend forecasts flooding our inboxes at this time of year, (for some perspective, don’t forget to read our take on marketing in 2014 here), marketers might be feeling a little overwhelmed by trying to keep up.
The power of colour
Posted by
Bokang Sesiane at 10:00
Growing up in one of the biggest Free State townships, there were two words that every child in the neighbourhood knew in English: “Green” and “White”. It is a testament to the popularity, love and loyalty to Bloemfontein Celtic (Phunya Sele Sele), a soccer club that plays in South Africa’s Premier League.
Branding: Nespresso. What else?
Posted by
Nicole Zetler at 12:00
I must confess, I have a new favourite brand that I've added to my elite few - and I'm a little bashful about it. I never thought I would fall for something so gimmicky, unnecessarily overpriced and overtly yuppie. But I have, and now I'm completely hooked! The brand in question is Nespresso - the single-serving, capsule-based coffee purveyors.
I'll have the 'Wall Seat' please...
Posted by
Marios Flourentzou at 09:00
On a recent business trip to Johannesburg, I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed when I climbed into my seat on the plane. Having arrived before my aisle companions, I safely stowed away my laptop and looked down to notice something was awry... My 'window seat' was in fact a 'wall seat'.
Introducing ‘Brandfontein’
Posted by
Nomonde Gama at 09:00
Perception is the currency of brands, and it extends well beyond mere products, services, personalities and logos. As soon as people have a choice over what they consume, brands come into play. We may think only of brands like Coke, Nike, Chanel or Beyoncé, but we have a choice over which spaces we consume too, right? So surely neighbourhoods make the cut?
Beyond the Drawing Board
Posted by
SJ Naude at 08:00
With technological advances, such as augmented reality and interactive promotional campaigns, come a plethora of new possibilities (and a host of new challenges) for the design industry and, more specifically, graphic design.
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