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Traditional Luxury Brands on Social Media…Yay or Nay?
Posted by
Nozipho Gumede at 12:00
Exclusivity is an important characteristic of luxury brands. Luxury brands have traditionally strived to create the ‘brand dream’ - a perception of distance between themselves and their customers. This makes social media engagement tricky as social is, by definition, the complete contradiction of exclusivity.
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Building Great Brands in 2014
Posted by
Al Mackay at 10:00
Building powerful brands is like investing in the stock market – you need to anticipate and respond to important shifts in context, but you also can’t panic with every market fluctuation.
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Creating Global South African Brands, One Expat at a Time
Posted by
Al Mackay at 08:00
I recently read an article in Harvard Business Review that I found fascinating. It’s on diaspora marketing; how emerging market brands can go global by targeting their diasporas in the West. It hails Nando’s as a brand that has done this particularly well – they used South African communities in the UK, Canada and Australia as beachheads to the larger native communities, and have now grown to operate in 26 countries across the world (with a hefty £14.7million in profit from their UK restaurants alone).
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Brand Naming 101:
Posted at 11:00
Whether you’re naming a pet, a child or your business, naming can be a touchy subject. Subjectivity hinders our judgement and makes us fight. Understanding your market can help reduce the subjectivity. And so does the right process; balancing creativity with strategic insight.
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Passion - Romantic Notion or Sound Business Principle?
Posted by
Donna-Rae Patricios at 08:00
A recent study by the Gallup organization states that disengaged workers costs the U.S. economy $350 billion a year in lost productivity! I admit to expecting a similarly gloomy picture on our shores, if the faces of many customer facing employees I regularly experience are anything to go by. So perhaps you will share my surprise to learn, that according to the iOpener Institute for People and Performance, about half of South Africans are particularly positive about the impact and meaning of their work.
This Valentine’s Day, turn “the first date” with your consumer into a relationship
Posted by
Robert Jameson at 08:00
The need to love and be loved in return is a fundamental and universal human need – and satisfying this need is the foundation for any successful relationship. For brands to succeed, they need to form real relationships with consumers too. For some this may come naturally, but for others it can be daunting, difficult and often disastrous. It may be a comfort to know that dating tips can help.
Moments of Truth: Getting consumers to fall in love with your brand
Posted by
Ane du Preez at 08:00
Have you ever fallen in love? Have you ever had your heart broken? Sometimes it only takes a second to realise that you’re completely in love, but often things that are going well get ruined when a potential suitor performs a “deal breaker” that puts both of your statuses back to “single”.
Searching for Sugarman: How relevance drives success
Posted by
Ryan Flynn at 08:00
Admittedly a bit delayed, this past weekend I finally got round to watching “Searching for Sugarman”. Not only did the film captivate me for its full duration, I now understand why all the fuss surrounding the film is warranted… because it has key lessons for marketing and branding, of course!
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