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What we shouldn’t still be talking about in 2014
Posted by
Nomonde Gama at 10:00
With all the 2014 trend forecasts flooding our inboxes at this time of year, (for some perspective, don’t forget to read our take on marketing in 2014 here), marketers might be feeling a little overwhelmed by trying to keep up.
Does your brand positioning stretch into Africa?
Posted by
Louise MacRobert at 11:00
With so many African countries enjoying economic growth and increasing stability, global brands are rushing to get involved. They are expanding their offerings into new markets at an enormous rate, joined by South African companies spreading north on the continent.
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The power of the small Cs
Posted by
Sonja Lombard at 12:00
When Yellowwood launched Engager a few years ago, there were three Big Cs on which South Africa’s most engaging brands scored highly: these were Conviction, Commitment and Connection. The nine pillars of brand engagement in the Engager model are massively important, but I’d like to suggest that when it comes to building a retail brand, there are another 3 Cs which are critically important but often get overlooked.
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Moments of Truth: Getting consumers to fall in love with your brand
Posted by
Ane du Preez at 08:00
Have you ever fallen in love? Have you ever had your heart broken? Sometimes it only takes a second to realise that you’re completely in love, but often things that are going well get ruined when a potential suitor performs a “deal breaker” that puts both of your statuses back to “single”.
Lady Gaga: The Marketing Monster
Posted by
Nicole Zetler at 08:00
Over the past week, South Africa has been under a Lady Gaga spell with the pop star’s recent tour to our shores from airport sightings to meet-and-greets to fans (or should I say ‘Little Monsters’) overloading social media platforms raving about her performances in both Jo’burg and Cape Town. For someone who was waiting on tables only 5 years ago, Lady Gaga has sure risen to super stardom quickly: scooping up a plethora of awards, selling out mega-stadiums, endless attention in the press; and a social media following that’s larger than the population of many countries!
The meaning of brand consistency in today’s dynamic context
Posted by
Lilian Plomp at 10:00
The idea of brand consistency is nothing new and has become a buzz word among marketers and brand specialists. However, the interpretation of ‘brand consistency’ seems to differ considerably from one individual to another. It is precisely this discrepancy that may explain why some brands succeed and others fail to truly create sustainable brand value.
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