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A new look for radio: re-launching two of SA’s favourite stations
Posted by
Ross Thornton-Dibb at 14:00
Happy Spring Day South Africa! For once, the seasons have stuck to their appointments in the calendar and we’re suddenly enjoying gloriously sunny and warm weather. As buds start opening on trees across the country, spring is also bringing renewal and rebirth to two of South Africa’s favourite radio stations.
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The Truth will set your design free
Posted by
Ross Thorton at 13:00
There is nothing like brilliant design thinking packaged in high gloss and delivered on a world stage to set a designer's mind racing. So when I arrived back in Joburg in the first few days after Design Indaba 2014, I was packed to the gunwales with inspiration and desire to do great design.
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Strategic Repositioning of the City of Cape Town
Posted by
David Blyth at 10:00
It has been quite a week for us here at Yellowwood! The controversy surrounding the proposed new brand identity for the City of Cape Town has been loud, but that is to be expected when a well-known brand makes a significant change. It was made much worse because the public was caught by surprise. A distorted, discoloured and poor quality version of the logo was leaked, without the benefit of context or narrative to tell the story of change.
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The power of colour
Posted by
Bokang Sesiane at 10:00
Growing up in one of the biggest Free State townships, there were two words that every child in the neighbourhood knew in English: “Green” and “White”. It is a testament to the popularity, love and loyalty to Bloemfontein Celtic (Phunya Sele Sele), a soccer club that plays in South Africa’s Premier League.
Beyond the Drawing Board
Posted by
SJ Naude at 08:00
With technological advances, such as augmented reality and interactive promotional campaigns, come a plethora of new possibilities (and a host of new challenges) for the design industry and, more specifically, graphic design.
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