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Offer jobs, not just products
Posted by
Al Mackay at 10:00
Last week I spoke at a conference on Accelerating Youth Employment in South Africa. The conference was organised by Harambee, a non-profit that bridges the gap between job-seekers and the formal economy by providing psychometric testing, job-matching and training of young people for interviews and the workplace. The work they do is inspirational, but we were surprised earlier in the year when they surfaced as a favourite brand amongst young, lower income South Africans in research that we were conducting for our white paper Building Brands in a Rapidly Changing South Africa. They are not a consumer brand, after all.
Building the brands of tomorrow with Shanduka Black Umbrellas
Posted by
Al Mackay at 10:00
We love helping people focus their thinking and build brands to grow their businesses. We spend our not-so-nine-to-five days doing it for blue chip companies, but for some of us that isn’t enough. We wanted to take our experience of solving marketing’s toughest problems, and use it to help start-ups and small businesses too.
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Purpose in Africa: Doing well by doing good
Posted by
Nicole Velleman at 12:00
Brand purpose is one of the most powerful tools for growth and sustainability in a global marketplace devoid of trust in business. A brand’s purpose is its reason for being – it goes beyond what you do, or who you’re doing it for. Purpose is the why: why your business exists, and why that should matter.
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Turbulent South Africa: can consumers help achieve social good?
Posted by
Al Mackay at 08:00
Two industries have erupted in violence in the past few months. In both industries, disillusionment and anger have set in at the slow pace of change for workers as South Africa struggles to overcome its legacy as an economy built on cheap labour to one of shared prosperity. But there is a crucial difference between the two industries in question: one has an interface with consumers, the other does not.
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