Moments of Truth: Getting consumers to fall in love with your brand
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Ane du Preez at 08:00

Have you ever fallen in love? Have you ever had your heart broken?  Sometimes it only takes a second to realise that you're completely in love, but often things that are going well get ruined when a potential suitor performs a "deal breaker" that puts both of your statuses back to "single". 

The same is true for our relationships with brands. "Moments of Truth" are those instances that are considered "make or break" engagements. They are the most influential touch points that determine a customer's perception of the brand, and can occur in multiples. 

Each moment of truth for a brand provides an opportunity for sparks of enchantment to fly. When done well, they provide an "Aha" moment where your consumer recognises their "perfect match." When done wellconsistently, they can seal the deal and ensure the consumer wants to live "happily ever after" with the brand. But thoughtless brands can get them horribly wrong, leaving consumers feeling that something is just not quite right. Sometimes brands mess up so badly that the consumer deletes their proverbial phone number and swears never to speak to them again.

Kulula is one of the brands who have gotten this right. From the wacky safety presentations on board, to the language used on their website, to the funky colours used in their uniforms, this brand delivers on what the consumer expects with every touch point.

So how can you ensure that your Moments of Truth will make your customer fall in love with your brand?

Be true to yourself

To optimise touch points, a brand needs to craft an experience that authentically and accurately brings across its brand essence. Woolworths brings the brand essence of quality alive through the premium look of its packaging, the organic cotton shirts of its staff and the higher quality materials of its shopping baskets. Whether it's in-store or online, Woolworths' Moments of Truth exude quality.

Put yourself into your customer's shoes

To meet and exceed your customer's expectations, you need to understand what their needs are first. At Yellowwood, we apply customer journey mapping to gauge not only what the various moments of truth are that emerge from any given shopping experience but also how they are weighted in terms of importance to the customer. This allows the brand to design the experience to appeal to their specific market segment. If you don't know how customers navigate through your Moments of Truth, you won't know how to make the experience memorable and enjoyable.

On-going measurement and revision - forever is a long time, so keep the fire burning

Touch points change with the addition of new product and/or service offerings. Over and above this, to ensure on-going customer loyalty and advocacy, it is critical that the quality and design of existing brand touch points should be revisited regularly to ensure that they remain relevant to the brand whilst meeting the expectations of the consumer.

People form relationships with brands in the same way that they do with potential lovers. So treat each Moment of Truth as if it were your last opportunity to woo your customer and leave them with butterflies in their stomachs.  Getting this right, will ensure that your brand is well on its way to a "happily ever after".

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