Be careful of the hidden traps in research!
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Great marketing centres on quality insight into the target market. Generating this insight does not have to be difficult or complicated - some of the greatest campaigns and marketing initiatives are born from the simplest of insights. All you need is to ensure that you push beyond just data or information. Your analysis of research needs to lead to a greater understanding of your customers - their motivations, needs and drivers. Below are some common traps to avoid when searching for insight:

The stand-out bias

Be careful not to think certain information is important just because you find it personally interesting and easy to remember - the research is not about what stands out to you. Just because it's an interesting fact, it doesn't necessarily mean it's relevant to your whole market or a customer segment!

Justifying instead of identifying

Marketers often view research selectively in order to justify the decisions they have already made, instead of using the research as a guiding light to inform strategy. Justifying is about using evidence that supports your decision - which is often based on a pre-conceived idea. Identifying is about looking for the insight in the information. Look at research with an open mind and try to genuinely learn from your market.

Personal benchmarking

A very common trap is that marketers assume that what they themselves enjoy or what their preferences are apply to their target market. This completely ignores the context of the customer, who may be nothing like the marketer, especially in a market as diverse as ours. Just because you enjoy volleyball, doesn't mean that your market would relate to it in an ad. Understand their context when making those decisions.

Getting quality insight from research has become a rare skill, but it's so important to building brands that resonate with customers. Part of this journey to quality customer insight is learning to identify, and avoid, the common traps of research analysis!

If you'd like to find out more about the traps, tools and best practice lessons in building a comprehensive view of your customers, download our latest white paper, the Guide to Relevance: How to know more about your market than anyone else. 

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