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Al Mackay at 10:00

We love helping people focus their thinking and build brands to grow their businesses. We spend our not-so-nine-to-five days doing it for blue chip companies, but for some of us that isn't enough. We wanted to take our experience of solving marketing's toughest problems, and use it to help start-ups and small businesses too.

South Africa needs an entrepreneurial push. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, only 6.8% of our 18-24 year olds are entrepreneurs, which is less than half the rate of Brazil and China. With small businesses driving so much economic growth and job creation in other countries, it's no wonder that our unemployment rate remains so stubbornly high. We wanted to help kick-start our own entrepreneurial revolution.

We developed a training course on brand building for small businesses, outlining what it takes to connect with customers and drive business growth. Our syllabus included the fundamentals of brand strategy and customer insight - such as how to craft a relevant, compelling and differentiated brand idea, how to better understand and segment your market, and how to deliver a powerful brand experience across all touch-points, online and off.

By partnering with Shanduka Black Umbrellas we got to meet a number of dynamic, interesting and committed small businesses. Our training day session on the 25th of May with the Johannesburg group proved to be hugely beneficial for both sides. Our conversations and exercises helped many attendees rethink their challenges and come up with new ways to communicate, and we loved the opportunity to contribute and to meet such an inspiring group of people. Our Cape Town session will take place in two weeks.

If you would like to find out more about the amazing work that Shanduka Black Umbrellas do, visit


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