Pick a Fight to Get Noticed: The rise of Brand Samsung
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Roscoe Sprong at 08:00

While the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit (where Samsung was ordered to pay Apple over a billion dollars) is by now old news, it has given us time to reflect on its effect. 

For a long time all you would have seen and heard was Samsung vs Apple. On news sites, blogs and social media, lines were drawn in the sand - and you were either camp iPhone or camp Samsung, defending Apple for their right to intellectual property or defending Samsung as the freedom fighter against Apple's tyranny.

In my view, Samsung was the clear winner in that fight - at least in terms of the brand. The fight generated enormous buzz and made Samsung stand out. Remember the clear lines in the sand? The fight galvanised communities of fans. And anyone looking for a new phone would have been influenced by these warring camps - assuming the two fighting brands must be fighting for the top spot.

HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG and many other smartphones, all running the Android operating system, and all (except for a few gimmicks and specs) pretty much the same phone, were forgotten. Samsung became the challenger, the Rocky - and Apple, Apollo Creed. 

You don't have to take my word for it; Nokia has noted the power of the fight and has tried to get in on the action.

It's not only smartphone brands that use a good fight to stand out. How many of you have heard of Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica or Stargate SG-1? All of which are very popular and successful Sci-Fi TV shows. But I bet you have heard of Star Trek and Star Wars, the two Sci-Fi brands that are the epitome of nerd fights.

If you are swimming in an undifferentiated sea of competitors and don't know how to get noticed, ONE simple answer is to pick a fight. Find the big bully on the playground, walk up to them and hit them as hard as you can in the eye. All of a sudden everyone in the playground will be looking at you two, and even if you lose the fight you may have become the champion for people to rally around.  If you want to punch above your weight as a brand, you may have to start punching. There is often a loyal fan base waiting for a challenger brand to save them from the industry's big bully.

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