The path to successful innovation for Africa
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Al Mackay at 08:00

Last month we launched our latest white paper, Transformative Innovation: The African Path to Success. It is a practical guide to help African businesses innovate to grow and transform categories and markets, staying ahead of increasing global competition and creating better, more relevant products, services and business models.

Arthur Attwell was our guest speaker at the events. Arthur is the founder and CEO of publishing start-up Paperight, which was recently chosen as the most innovative small business in South Africa at the Accenture Innovation Index Awards. Arthur spoke of his journey from big publishing to disrupting and transforming the industry. It was a fascinating and inspiring address, with important lessons shared from his failures along the way. He spoke of the challenges of innovating when you have existing customers, the need for intermediate technologies when innovating for Africa and his mission to bring books within walking distance of every home in the country.

From the Yellowwood team, Insights Director Honore Gasa and Senior Strategist Charles Erasmus shared the key lessons from our white paper. They spoke about innovation along the value chain, partnering with the pirates in your industry and finding ways to overcome the massive context disconnect that still exists in South Africa between business and society. Watch the highlights from their presentation below. (Apologies for the poor sound quality; plug in some headphones and it should be fine!)

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our innovation sessions. We hope you found them valuable and interesting - and that you'll be transforming the marketplace with your innovations! If you'd like to download the white paper, you can do so here. And to find out more about upcoming events and the news and views of Yellowwood, sign up for our newsletter here.

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