Yellowwood launches new white paper: African Attitudes - Marketing Beyond the Numbers
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Al Mackay at 10:00

With many African economies booming and middle classes growing, African expansion is on the agenda of most South African and many global brands, yet insight into each African market often doesn’t go deeper than a few key numbers: GDP growth rates, market penetration, consumer spending. 

Effective marketing requires a deep understanding of people, so our latest white paper aims to bridge this insight gap by unpacking the human side of marketing in Africa: how to connect with the key consumer typologies and attitudes that exist in each market. Based on our segmentation and market clustering experience from a number of sectors across Africa we have identified eight archetypes that exist in all African markets, unpacked the prevalent attitudes on the continent and pulled together case studies and best practice of brands that are making a success of the African opportunity.

Archetype Model

From caregivers to bosses, survivors to optimists, African Attitudes outlines how marketers can build pan-African brands that create value, feel local and earn enduring consumer loyalty.

Download African Attitudes: Marketing Beyond the Numbers.

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